Blower Door Testing

RedPoint LLC provides blower door testing using RetroTec equipment. This diagnostic tool is used to evaluate the air tightness of a home and helps locate deficiencies in the air barrier.

When evaluating an existing home, the blower door is an invaluable tool used to identify deficiencies in the envelope. The more air infiltration in a home the less efficient and comfortable it is due to conditioned air loss (heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer). More importantly than comfort is the potential to compromise the indoor air quality, health, and safety of the home. Allergens, pollutants, pests, dirt, and mold are just a few of the things that can enter a home through the air leaks in the envelope.

Why would you need blower door test?

Blower door is used to test the efficiency of a home as part of our HERS rating services. The amount of air drawn in provides valuable data in determining how air-tight, and thus how efficient, a home is. When it comes to verifying and documenting the efficiency of a home, the blower door provides valuable data used to provide an accurate score.

We also provide blower door testing to contractors looking to meet local building guidelines. As of January 12, 2016, any home permitted in the state of Montana will have to meet specific air exchange requirements (4 ACH – Air Changes per Hour) before being awarded a certificate of occupancy. RedPoint LLC can complete the blower door test, locate areas of air infiltration, and help remedy any failures in the building envelope, all at an affordable price.

How does blower door work?

Blower door equipment is installed in an exterior door frame. A large fan in the assembly is used to pressurize or depressurize the home to a specific pressure, usually 50 Pa (pascals). This is equivalent to a 20 mph wind blowing on the structure, however with the use of diagnostic equipment the pressure is uniform and controlled. When the house has reached the designated pressure, thermal imaging can be used to identify air infiltration or ex filtration (depending on whether the home is pressurized or depressurized). Specifically locating these areas provides the necessary information to take corrective action and address the issue.

How A Blower Door Test Works
Thermal View Of New Window


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