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A mold inspection should be the first step to diagnose or evaluate any mold problem. If you can see questionable growth or stains, you probably need a mold inspection. If you have reason to worry about mold for medical reasons, you probably need a mold inspection. If you have noticeable odor that smells "Musty" or "earthy", you probably need a mold inspection.

Mold Inspection vs Mold Testing

Many people think that doing mold testing is a mold inspection, including some experts in the industry, but that is not the case. A mold inspection is very different than doing mold testing. Both have their place and both are valuable to different questions.

Mold Inspection

Montana mold inspections should include a visual inspection to evaluate any stains for possible mold growth. This also includes investigating any staining, cracking, peeling, bubbling or swelling to try to determine the history of any dampness and the possibility of mold growth on surfaces that are not readily accessible. It should include determining the likely moisture source for any water damage history, and if any preventative steps are still needed. A mold inspection should try to determine the extent of the materials affected with mold. It should also include recommendations for the scope of work needed to remove and cleanup the mold, doing it properly by recommended guidelines. It is also helpful if the mold inspection report is able to give some idea as to the cost of the cleanup. A mold inspection should identify any dampness and the source of the recent leak or ongoing dampness.

Mold Testing

Mold testing is just that, testing for mold. A sample will be lifted from a surface and evaluated to determine what type of mold is on that spot on the surface. The more common type of sampling that is done is air sampling. When air sampling is done, a measured amount of air is pumped through a collection cassette. The particles that are collected are evaluated in a laboratory under a microscope. The types of mold spores present are identified and counted. When divided by the volume of air used to collect the sample it will produce how many spores were present per cubic meter of air. The more indoor samples that are collected, the more revealing the sampling will be.

Take the First Step

Contact us at Redpoint to schedule your Montana mold inspection to determine if you have a mold problem. You will learn more from a mold inspection at a reasonable cost than you will from mold testing. Start off with a mold inspection and then have sampling done if needed or wanted.


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